The Swipe Less Mind
The World’s Most Effective Social Media Reduction Program
Social Media Addiction is one of the biggest challenges we face today.

For the first time ever, we can statistically prove that social media is having a negative impact on the lives of people of from all walks of life.  This includes children, teenagers and millennials through to retirees.

The CRAZY thing is… We are lonelier than ever! With seriously concerning consequences that are impacting the emotional and physical well being of our everyday lives.
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The Swipe Less Mind program is a quick and effective BLUEPRINT for over subscribing swipers, who know they spend too much time on Social Media but just can’t seem to reduce it!
The Mission
We are on a mission to build a campaign to help over-swipers gain confidence in their ability say ‘NO’ to screen time and say ‘YES’ to doing other more life affirming activities
The Goal
The goal of this program is for over-swipers to swipe less and become naturally more interested in life around them rather than what is going on with their phone or tablet
The Change
We know contributing to ‘in person’ moments where we can build human to human communication is what you can change to save the day and we are here to help you do this
8 Reasons Why Less Screen Time Can Change Your Entire Life in Positive and Life Affirming Ways
This program is made up of a series of videos and recordings that explains the power of social addiction and how to break it. 

We’re not talking about you ditching Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform you use but what we are suggesting is that it’s time for you to manage it rather than it manage YOU!
  • Social Self Esteem - become more confident with those around you
  • Anxiety Reduction – stop worrying about what other people think and Never having the fear and worry about missing out 
  •  Halt procrastination in its tracks! 
  •  Improve natural desire to be physically fit and be out in nature more 
  •  Start to enjoy your own company without screen time 
  •  Build true happiness that comes from within rather than from external sources 
  •  Improve natural sleep by training your mind to turn your phone off before bedtime
I am not suggesting you shouldn’t use social media. However, I am suggesting there is a world out there waiting for you to reconnect. 

The GOOD NEWS IS it doesn’t care about your hair being perfect. It doesn’t think you need to look or be happy all the time. It doesn’t care how many likes or comments you get. Out there is a life that welcomes imperfections and encourages vulnerability.
There is a Real World out there that wants to meet you and hang out with you!
This world, you truly belong to.
  • Without judgement
  •  Without trying to be perfect 
  •  Without trying to hide how you feel 
  •  Without worrying what people think
  •  Without the fear that you are missing out
  •  Without the fear of being rejected 
  •  Without the worry that you are not good enough 
  •  Without chasing likes! 

Enough is Enough!  YOU are good enough as you are!

Let’s STOP being scared to reduce our screen time and start becoming more productive, proactive and positive about a life with less swiping!

You are on your way to a  Swipe Less life that can liberate you from the angst of too much screen time in 3 simple and easy steps
GUARANTEE: This program is secured with an iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

BONUS: This program includes the best selling eBook with accompanying audio ‘The Stress Less Mind’.
This book should be compulsory for all secondary schools and doctors surgeries

I have already recommended this book to several stressed friends

- Gwendolene Joy
This is amazing...

...if you want to feel better about yourself and your life invest in this book

I loved it. Simple, common sense stress buster.

- Clare Duke
I have just finished reading "A Stress Less Mind" and recommend this book for anyone who believes their stress levels are negatively affecting their health and life. 

- Melanie Tooley-Mackie
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